About Us

     Hi everyone! I'm Julie, the owner of That Curly Girl, founded in 2021! My main mission with creating TCG was to bring to life a curl brand that focused on the confidence and empowerment aspects specifically surrounding curly hair. With so many different products and brands emerging, it is so important to remain true to the overarching goal of inspiring girls and women to love their hair, while learning tips and tricks to properly care for it.      
     I was born in 2001, and have been running That Curly Girl since I was 18 years old. The road to loving and embracing my own hair definitely hasn't been easy - but my ever changing curl journey serves as a reminder that girls and women need a curly community - one where they can freely ask their hair questions, learn beginner curl tips, watch product tutorials, and feel safe understanding their God given hair. 
At 22 years old, I still have so much to learn - but one thing I am sure of is That Curly Girl is that community for so many people. I am so proud of what I've built and strive to get better every day not just as a business owner, but as someone whose mission is to pour more love into the world. I hope you love my brand as much as I do, and you wear your gorgeous curls confidently.
XO, Julie